To my big sister 

My beautiful big-little sister. 
How I love her smile

How I love your sense of humor

How I love that you were born exactly 9 months before me

How I love the joy in your spirit

How I love when we were little you used to protect me. 

How you used to teach me

How I used to want to copy everything you did( lol even thought you hated it)

How I loved when mom would dress is the same( you hated that too lol) 

You still teach me. I still see things in you I want to be just like. You have become an amazing woman, big sister and mother…

& I want you to know, oh how I look up to you. The way God created you was so perfect. I just wish you could see that. How Gods hand is on your life. How special you are to him. Look at this smile. It’s worth more than a million trillion bucks. I would pay just so that it never left your face. And your heart, well that is worth far more than rubies. I came across this picture. It spoke to my heart. Oh how I want you to know how special you are. You were stitched together in moms tummy )ONLY 9 months before me lol-who’s counting) but from the top of your head to the souls of your feet he made you fearfully and wonderfully. Like a sculptor, taking his time carving out every detail to perfection. And like with some sculptures you may find flaws but that is where the beauty lies. It’s even more unique and original and cannot be duplicated.
The reason for this long post about you… There isn’t one. I just want to celebrate you today just for being you! I thank God for giving me such a annoying, loving, funny, encouraging big sister. Lol I love you & cherish you- thank you for being you. More importantly JESUS loves you and I am very excited to see the beautiful life he has in store for you and my fatty Leah. 💕💕 ” this to shall pass” 


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