dear Jesus 


I have been broken.I searched the ends of the earth to find love. Never to find it. Until I met you. I tore myself down, trying to let others build me back up. Maybe it was because daddy ran away and mom couldn’t always be there. Always felt like I was drowning and no one could hear me crying out. Needing to be saved. The me I was turning into wasn’t me at all. So I built walls instead. All along you were there. The only one who can save. You came in like a soft wind, and gently blew them down. Never thought I was something worth treasuring, I had no sense of self. Destructive and lost. I was found. The treasure in your scars, helped me see what a treasure In me. That a king would want a messed up girl like me. But you did. So full force I ran to you, forever I will seek you out. May my heart remain humble and may you direct my steps. By my side you always are. You never left. I was simply to consumed in sin. I was ashamed to let you in. But You never stopped calling for me. I am your child. I am your friend. I was the girl at the well. A nobody, a sinner. The wayward soul. But you made me new. Said I am somebody to you. And that no one could give me the wholeness I was missing but you. You gave me life again, but this one eternal. Fianally I have meaning, a new song to dance to. You lead me while we dance through earth until eternity. I am captivated by your beauty, love and grace. Mercy finally found me. I’d finally met peace.  My heart has found its home. In you I am free. In you I am loved. In you I am safe. In you I found me. You told me I AM beautiful, scares and all. My heart you want to hold forever. Now I know what forever means. 

I love you Jesus. 

Love, always your daughter.. 


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