Rest for the brokenness

A young girl I mentor came to me today and asked, what’s the best way to deal with heartbreak? How do I make it stop hurting and why does God let stuff like that happen? Okay, despite the fact that this particular topic is something I am all too familiar with, I was still reluctant to tell her this would surely not be the last. The guy she really liked and she thought it was a mutual thing, took another girl to prom and was also secretly dating her on top of it. Now at first glance it seems kind of harmless. You know typical high school crush ends up being a prince dressed in aluminum foil. Instead of your happily ever after you are left with a pieces of your heart on the floor. Come on ladies we have all been there. It’s never fun and we can never seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel because our vision is often blurred by emotion.
My heart began to feel sadden by hearing such a sweet kid express how hurt she was and how she didn’t feel like she was good enough. Or even worse like something may be wrong with her. Again, something I know all too well. It’s also not a good feeling. One of the worst if you ask me. You start to question who you are and loose a bit of yourself along the way. So not typical after all, right? Needless to say I was able to sympathize with her in a lot of ways. Which enabled me to give some pretty effective advice, I think. I most of all wanted to make sure to let her know that those thoughts were completely wrong! She needed to be reminded of how uniquely beautiful and special she is.

You are a princess, not because you have a prince but because your father is a king and he is God!

I began to tell her about the heartbreak that I had just experienced. I wanted to show her that God is not the one who hurts us, he allows us to go through things that will not break us but lead us closer to him. So that we may walk according to his perfect plan and truly get the desires of our heart. See, we may think what we want is what we need. And because he is a patient and kind God sometimes will let us have what we think we want only to show us it’s not what we needed. I believe truly he wants to keep us from pain but he gave us the right to choose. Even when we make bad choices, like removing him and forgetting who he is and in that losing who we are. He still loves us and wants to fulfill his promises. Luckily for us he always stays near ready and willing to catch us when we fall and embrace us with his love and peace. Showing us who we are in him and to him through his truth. Had not been for that one guy to destroy everything in me that was alive, I would not have found one true love that is unfailing and everlasting. Be made whole and finally complete in him. A love that surpasses and exceeds anything I could ever imagine. So I say to you who may be dealing with hurt and brokenness find comfort in the Lord. Put him first and let him give you rest for your brokenness.


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