To my big sister 

My beautiful big-little sister. 
How I love her smile

How I love your sense of humor

How I love that you were born exactly 9 months before me

How I love the joy in your spirit

How I love when we were little you used to protect me. 

How you used to teach me

How I used to want to copy everything you did( lol even thought you hated it)

How I loved when mom would dress is the same( you hated that too lol) 

You still teach me. I still see things in you I want to be just like. You have become an amazing woman, big sister and mother…

& I want you to know, oh how I look up to you. The way God created you was so perfect. I just wish you could see that. How Gods hand is on your life. How special you are to him. Look at this smile. It’s worth more than a million trillion bucks. I would pay just so that it never left your face. And your heart, well that is worth far more than rubies. I came across this picture. It spoke to my heart. Oh how I want you to know how special you are. You were stitched together in moms tummy )ONLY 9 months before me lol-who’s counting) but from the top of your head to the souls of your feet he made you fearfully and wonderfully. Like a sculptor, taking his time carving out every detail to perfection. And like with some sculptures you may find flaws but that is where the beauty lies. It’s even more unique and original and cannot be duplicated.
The reason for this long post about you… There isn’t one. I just want to celebrate you today just for being you! I thank God for giving me such a annoying, loving, funny, encouraging big sister. Lol I love you & cherish you- thank you for being you. More importantly JESUS loves you and I am very excited to see the beautiful life he has in store for you and my fatty Leah. 💕💕 ” this to shall pass” 


The difference : Wordly men & Godly men 

The difference : Wordly men & Godly men
Man of the world

-of the world

-promotes sin

-parties(drinks, smokes)

-puts himself first

-sexualizes and objectifies women

-idolizes things (money, cars, clothes)

 – bad influence 

-cocky /boastful

– loves only himself

-has a lot of or has been with a lot of women

-not interested in marriage/unclear intentions

-in the world not of it

-promotes jesus 

-prays/attends church

-puts God first

-encourages a godly relationship

-respects women 

-great influence 

– humble 

– loves JESUS 

-follower of Jesus 

-intentions are clear
Here are a few great examples of a godly man. Girls/ladies know the difference!!!!!!!!! You will find a good (godly) man doing good things. Actually walking the walk. ( We need to be doing this as well) You want to look for these qualities but also acquire them ourselves. A man like that will respect you, your virtue and the God you serve. Because he loves and fears the lord he will treat you like a lady. Honor and cherish you the way God intended and you deserved !😊He will be intent on making sure the relationship or friendship glorifies God. A man that does not know Jesus should not have the luxury of knowing you on that level. He WILL never magically turn into a good guy. & no being with us will not change him into that either. Only God can. But until he does, leave that guy alone. Be smart beauties. Respect yourself and know if he cannot respect your standards and morals he doesn’t deserve to be in your life. He does not deserve you! God will NOT send you an ungodly man. Never ever ! Nor will he send you someone who will pull you away from him. (Biggest warning sign) Trust me I know it’s hard being patient in your singleness BUT he has a plan and you just need to trust him. 💕Wasting your precious time on a frog that will never turn into a prince. Stop kissing these frogs!!!!! Lol Embrace your season you daughter of the king. The one he has for you will be amazing beyond belief. And you will look back and be glad you waited. Remember,” you are not a princess because you have a prince but because your father is a KING and he is God!” 💕 & he cannot and will not bless a relationship he’s not apart of. 

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

1 Corinthians 13:4-5 | NIV

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

2 Corinthians 6:14 | NIV 
🌺all my love..

dear Jesus 


I have been broken.I searched the ends of the earth to find love. Never to find it. Until I met you. I tore myself down, trying to let others build me back up. Maybe it was because daddy ran away and mom couldn’t always be there. Always felt like I was drowning and no one could hear me crying out. Needing to be saved. The me I was turning into wasn’t me at all. So I built walls instead. All along you were there. The only one who can save. You came in like a soft wind, and gently blew them down. Never thought I was something worth treasuring, I had no sense of self. Destructive and lost. I was found. The treasure in your scars, helped me see what a treasure In me. That a king would want a messed up girl like me. But you did. So full force I ran to you, forever I will seek you out. May my heart remain humble and may you direct my steps. By my side you always are. You never left. I was simply to consumed in sin. I was ashamed to let you in. But You never stopped calling for me. I am your child. I am your friend. I was the girl at the well. A nobody, a sinner. The wayward soul. But you made me new. Said I am somebody to you. And that no one could give me the wholeness I was missing but you. You gave me life again, but this one eternal. Fianally I have meaning, a new song to dance to. You lead me while we dance through earth until eternity. I am captivated by your beauty, love and grace. Mercy finally found me. I’d finally met peace.  My heart has found its home. In you I am free. In you I am loved. In you I am safe. In you I found me. You told me I AM beautiful, scares and all. My heart you want to hold forever. Now I know what forever means. 

I love you Jesus. 

Love, always your daughter.. 

Today’s adventure


So today I went to the mountain up 74. I wanted to go and be alone with him. I felt a tug in my heart as I was driving to get gas, I was led here. I snapped this picture but it does not do his beautiful creations justice. He gave us lots of things to be able to see how glorious he is. I have personally found myself at his feet a lot recently with a heavy heart and a thirst for more of him. So I sat there and just talked to him and embraced his presence. We are going through a drought right now in California. Have you ever felt like that? Well let me tell you, he is a God of faithfulness. I believe we were created with a hunger for something more. That something is him. You just have to realize that he is the only one that can fill your cup. Allow him to. If you have been feeling in a place of confusion, a void. The perfect job isn’t cutting it. That significant other isn’t enough. You know something is missing? He has told us “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”. -John 4:14Let him fill your cup. Give it to him and allow him to fill that void. He’s done it for me and he can do it for you too. Nothing could ever stop him from loving you. You are his beloved child. He desires you and to give you the completeness you have been searching for. Get alone and just talk to him. I know I stumble sometimes being a single parent. I am “to tired” to “busy”. Truth be told there is no excuse. He has given me everything, and paid a high price with his precious blood so we may have eternal life through him and know him. Experience his peace and joy! I encourage you keep seeking, keep praying! He hears. He knows. He’s there. 🙂 love you guys be blessed.
“We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.” Hebrews 12:2

(Side note) I was so overwhelmed with joy and peace on that mountain just being blessed to behold his creations. How beautiful they are. God is so good!

Transformation Tuesday


I owe everything to God! 

Transformation Tuesday! 

So it was not possible to take a picture of my spirit/soul/heart. However my inward was changed my outward has also. It kind of followed suit. Today I am celebrating about one year since the day I was born again and gave my life to Christ. Last year around this time my entire life was going to change, little did I know. The worst time in my life turned into the moment that changed my heart for ever. For the better. I was in a 4 year long relationship with the man I though I would marry. He broke my heart. It was not all his fault though. I chose to make him the center of my focus, my life. My life revolves around him and us. So the day he decided to leave, my whole world “seemed” to fall apart. I was completely broken. My spirit was crushed. Because i made him everything. When he was gone it felt as though j had nothing. I fell into depression. My whole world has changed. I made the mistake of living with him before marriage. I was a very lost individual, together we were the blind leading the blind. He was my temporary fix to the brokenness And incompleteness I was running away from. I was desperate to have the void filled that I’d had since I was a young girl. Majority of the relationship was toxic. Moving on, I found myself trying to pick up the pieces with my now almost four year old son. I always desired to have the resilience this kid has. I’m sure he was effected but he was so strong through it all. I know that sounds silly but it’s almost like he knew I was hurting. He was my comfort, and my reminder. That I did have a reason to continue on with life and become a better person. Not let something tragic destroy me. Even though that was the exact purpose. My depression then turned into shame. This was not unfamiliar to me. I had felt with depression my entire life. But, this time was different. Something in me say “fight”!!! So I decided to go to church the Sunday following the break up. That day it was almost as if the pastor was speaking to only me. That sparked something in. It confirmed my earlier feeling that said to fight. Fight for freedom. Fight for the love that was gifted to me. Fight for the grace, forgiveness and mercy I deserved! Fight for the life Jesus died so that I could have. Give back the shame, discouragement and hatred towards myself. And except the love of Jesus and take on his AMAZING GRACE! Back to the day I went to church. A beautiful young woman walked up to be an introduced herself to me. We conversed a a little which lead to her inviting me to be apart of their youth group & worship team. Needless to say, I continued going. Shortly after woke one morning and called my pastor and asked if I could be baptized. Now looking back when I did that it all was though I was being led by the spirit. No my walk has not been easy BUT it has been every bit of worth it. I now have seen the change in me through Christ. I am no longer insecure. I am no longer broken. I am no longer worried about pleasing this world. I am no longer living for myself. I am a better mother. I love MORE. I am a better daughter & friend. I am happier. I no longer get depressed. (Unhappy at times yes, but not in the scope it used to be) I now want to live. Live to serve the one who made me, fearfully and wonderfully. My heart has been changed. My life has been changed. In the word it says,” the Lord is good and does what is right; he shows the proper path to those who go astray.” I was his lost sheep. But he left the rest just to come and find me.:) he told me “but even before I was born, God called me by his marvelous grace!”Galatians 1; 15. He had made up for 23 years of brokenness and feelings of abandonment. He finally completed me. I stopped running away from him and started running to him. I am changed and I am unashamed!!!!! I have never experienced the peace that he gives me. No words can even really grasp the depth of love for Jesus and desire to know him grow with him and live for him. My gratitude and amazement is out of this world that a king could love ME and want me to be his daughter. But he does and he loves you too. So this is just the base of my testimony but I wanted to share it in hopes it touches and encourages someone. God has called us all. He is such a loving and faithful God. It doesn’t matter what your past looks like because through Christ we are spotless before the father. He can do in you what he has done in me. He is the only life that satisfies. No my life is not perfect now. No I am not perfect. Flawed and make mistakes. But the most important thing is my heart has changed. I have contentment through every season because I rest in Jesus. He is my number one and I live my life to represent and glorify him in the best way I can. In everything I do. So again I encourage you all believers and non believers alike. We are ALL called by his marvelous grace!!!! He is there waiting for you to seek him or to continue too. So that he can begin to change your heart and life in an extraordinary way. “For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.”proverbs 8; 35)Be blessed. Thanks for reading! #happytuesday

We are told

We are told, to be perfect

We are told, you’re not beautiful 

We are told, your past defines you

We are told, who we are not excepted

We are told, this world will devour you

We are told, we are not worthy of love 

We are told, who to be

 We are told by society, the media, glorified idols ect.
But I have news for you, good news.
HE says, you are fearfully and wonderfully made

HE says, your past has been forgiven and forgotten

HE says, you are enough

HE says, your are excepted 

HE says, I will give you life

HE says, you are worthy of love 

HE says, be who I created you to be(yourself) 

He says, ” i died for you because I love YOU!” & his name is Jesus! 

Do you know him? Have you excepted him in to your life!? I’m here to tell you the one who created the moon and the stars loves you and desires to be close to you. He’s sent us an advocate, a savior. Jesus !!ALL you have to do is open your heart to him. He died for you because to him you were worth that much. Stop allowing this world to destroy you and define who you are and come to know him and who HE says you are. Jesus is my lord and savior- he said confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart and you will be saved. You are loved tremendously and wanted by the one who created all things. 🙂 I just felt it in my spirit to share this tonight as I’m up finishing homework. I hope this reaches and touches someone who may be feeling a little bit of hopelessness or feeling lost. There is an answer, there is a way out- his name is JESUS! Isaiah 31;18 says ” So the lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the lord is a fait

Rest for the brokenness

A young girl I mentor came to me today and asked, what’s the best way to deal with heartbreak? How do I make it stop hurting and why does God let stuff like that happen? Okay, despite the fact that this particular topic is something I am all too familiar with, I was still reluctant to tell her this would surely not be the last. The guy she really liked and she thought it was a mutual thing, took another girl to prom and was also secretly dating her on top of it. Now at first glance it seems kind of harmless. You know typical high school crush ends up being a prince dressed in aluminum foil. Instead of your happily ever after you are left with a pieces of your heart on the floor. Come on ladies we have all been there. It’s never fun and we can never seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel because our vision is often blurred by emotion.
My heart began to feel sadden by hearing such a sweet kid express how hurt she was and how she didn’t feel like she was good enough. Or even worse like something may be wrong with her. Again, something I know all too well. It’s also not a good feeling. One of the worst if you ask me. You start to question who you are and loose a bit of yourself along the way. So not typical after all, right? Needless to say I was able to sympathize with her in a lot of ways. Which enabled me to give some pretty effective advice, I think. I most of all wanted to make sure to let her know that those thoughts were completely wrong! She needed to be reminded of how uniquely beautiful and special she is.

You are a princess, not because you have a prince but because your father is a king and he is God!

I began to tell her about the heartbreak that I had just experienced. I wanted to show her that God is not the one who hurts us, he allows us to go through things that will not break us but lead us closer to him. So that we may walk according to his perfect plan and truly get the desires of our heart. See, we may think what we want is what we need. And because he is a patient and kind God sometimes will let us have what we think we want only to show us it’s not what we needed. I believe truly he wants to keep us from pain but he gave us the right to choose. Even when we make bad choices, like removing him and forgetting who he is and in that losing who we are. He still loves us and wants to fulfill his promises. Luckily for us he always stays near ready and willing to catch us when we fall and embrace us with his love and peace. Showing us who we are in him and to him through his truth. Had not been for that one guy to destroy everything in me that was alive, I would not have found one true love that is unfailing and everlasting. Be made whole and finally complete in him. A love that surpasses and exceeds anything I could ever imagine. So I say to you who may be dealing with hurt and brokenness find comfort in the Lord. Put him first and let him give you rest for your brokenness.

Gurad your heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. -Proverbs 4:23

Dating, falling in love, marriage. Three words that personally make me shake in my boots. The reason being, is that it means opening myself up again to another person and potentially facing rejection, or worse, getting hurt again. Now here is a solution to this particular fear that’s helped me. Be smart and know your worth, don’t settle. My mom always used to say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, boy do I wish i would have listen more.

Don’t give a man you are just “crushing” or “dating” everything a husband is supposed to have. I know this has been said before but it could not be any more accurate. I am not just talking about physically. I mean emotionally as well, & just giving way to much of yourself up for a maybe husband, or but he has potential and he loves me. I myself was this girl then reality hit me. If I wanted a good man to marry me I was not going to get him that way. I also know so many wonderful women who are doing this. Lovely ladies your body is a temple, your mind and heart are things to be cherished and I defiantly feel that is how you tell the men from the boys. The thing is there are just to many women out there willing to do anything. So set yourself apart and be a women with morals and standards she is not willing to just give up. Stand firm and believe in what you are standing for. It was once said if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. Could not be more true. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. A good man will know this and respect it. If he does not and leaves, let him. Do not think for one second there is not a man out there willing to do it. There is. You just have to think about this… You attract what you are, you are treated the way you carry yourself. And most of all a good man will be found doing good things. So yes, be good, do good and you will attract a good guy. Have respect for not only yourself but your body. I feel this would defiantly help in weeding out all the bad guys and open up your life to more of the actual husband material men.

Its not a bad things to just wait and be patient and let God do his thing. Its hard, believe you me I know. Just know he has created one man just for you but how is that man going to find you if your busy wasting your time on an imposter dressed in a prince’s armor? So realizing and reminding yourself that you are worth the wait is important. Your are unique and beautiful. Your are a prize to be cherished. Good men do exist and he is willing to honor, respect and treasure you, so I too will say this and know that falling in love is truly a beautiful thing and something we were created to do. But be smart and careful of who your heart to.

-Chieyanne Dixon

Personal Goals (From paper to reality)

If you can’t fly, then run.

If you can’t run, then walk.

If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 I’d like to talk about personal goals. I never used to be much for writing down things I wanted to accomplish. However recently I was put into quite the situation, where I felt as though I was at a low point in my life and something needed to change in order for me to get out of the funk id been in and into the new phase of my life. Only being 24, and a single mom was hard in itself. I’d just went through a really bad breakup. We were engaged to be married living together for just about four years. He was everything to me, sadly I was a bit to involved into the relationship I think. My whole world revolved around the life we had together. We shared everything from the normal relationship stuff to, money, and responsibility over my son. We were partners. He was like a father to my son since he was born. So I not only allowed him into my life but my sons. I gave him far to much of myself so when he decided to just up and leave(for another girl) my entire world as I knew it fell apart. I fell apart. I was depressed, alone, unmotivated, broken and feeling like I was nothing. I felt like I was not worthy of love so why love myself. With all of that I lost my family, my home and my sanity. I was forced out of my comfort zone, which was horrifying. Curling up in a ball somewhere in a corner seemed far more pleasant. But in order to move forward I had to make a choice. So I did.

Now although this type of thing has never been to unfamiliar to me it was actually just what I really needed to get to the next phase of my life. I was staying with my mom in her one bedroom studio. So with nowhere to call home, no money, I finally decided two weeks after the breakup to get myself together and move on. I was sitting and thinking and came up with a list of things I really needed to do to better not only my situation but my life. And the life I wanted to give my son. I came up with a list that included finding a place, paying the bills I was swamped in and general stuff like that. Honestly it’s not so much about what was on the list but the purpose of the list. What that list represented. When I accomplished 90% of the things on that list, which at the time seemed to far from my grasp and absolutely unattainable. I did not care. That paper was my new start. My shot at getting back everything I had lost and more. It was independence, and hope for my future. You see it helped me realize that nothing is impossible. That all it takes, yes all it takes is the will and want to be and do better. I vowed that I would be a better person after all of this. Especially with god now being a huge part of my life. Four weeks later heading in the right direction. Got my own place, a better job, and a bran new outlook on life. So, today my blogger friends I just want to encourage you to set goals for yourself. Even if that seem impossible, have courage and faith. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make a change. Change is inevitable, so you may as well embrace and be happy. Also keep a positive mindset. Fill your mind with(I know cliché but) motivational quotes, scriptures whatever it may be that will help keep you motivated and staying positive. Giving up is easy, but fighting and succeeding is hard, yet far more rewarding.

Be blessed friends!

Chieyanne Dixon